Icing disaster 

So remember week one where I said I would make a dedicated post to figuring out using a piping bag with the different tips on it? Well this is it, well kind of. I would love nothing more than to say I am now a piping master and have no idea what I was doing wrong back then. But I can’t. This week was a comedy of errors.

I decided to stick with simple cupcakes to focus on the icing on top. I went with yellow cake from a box, and made this chocolate icing recipe I found. (Which was insanely easy and delicious!) Since I had a starter cupcake icing tip set that had four tips and I didn’t have four piping bags, I thought I would just use ziplock baggies with the corners cut off and call it a day.

Now I’m not sure if it was my fault on the tips I cut off the bags or if it was just a bad idea in general. But when I went to use each one to start icing the cupcakes I could only get one cupcake covered before the bag popped and the tip exploded. I even tried to cut a smaller hole and switch the icing to a new bag, but that didn’t help at all. So after several failed attempts at trying out these tips, I cut my losses and just iced the cupcakes with a knife.

Maybe I will try again when I have the proper piping bags on hand but for now the piping gods have won. I know when to throw in the towel and this was one of those times.

‘Till next time!