Semester Wrap Up


Can you believe the semester is over already? I can’t! It seems like just yesterday I was tasked with creating this blog, and now here I am to see about the progress I have made. It has been an eye opening journey, that’s for sure! This blog has helped me fall back in love with baking after quite a long time away. I wasn’t sure if I still had any baking skills left, but I have learned that I still got it! Sure, not every recipe turned out perfect, in fact, my most popular post so far has been my Icing Disaster post.

As I look back on this semester I began by looking at how involved I was able to get my Twitter into this process as well. My account is a relatively quite one, but it has been nice to liven it up and give it some use. A lot of my classmates chose to use Facebook to promote their posts but I feel like Twitter has given me a larger outreach and I’ve really appreciated that. Learning the ins and outs of blogging has really been a very positive experience for me and I hope to continue with this blog past this assignment. Having writing experience will only benefit me in my future endeavors and it has help me feel way more comfortable expressing myself. I have grown to really love writing and this blog is certainly to thank.

I, also, looked at the stats that my blog has gotten through the semester I have been working on it. I saw that my most popular week was the week of November 16th. I had a total of 23 views! Like I mentioned before my most popular post was my Icing Disaster post. It got 13 view, and I think it was the most popular because it was very honest of me to have shown my mistakes and own up to the hilarity of it all. What was suprising to me when I was looking at all the data was that I had people who looked at my blog who lived in Australia, India, the UK, and even Sweden! I never thought my little blog would get people from all over the world looking at it!

In conclusion, this little blog has certainly grown on me and it is safe to say I will do my best to continue in the future. I can’t wait to tackle more cupcake recipes with you guys!

‘Till next time!



Masterpiece Cupcakes! (Ultimate Oreo Cupcakes)


Okay, so I have to start off by saying you HAVE to try this recipe. I mean, seriously, you HAVE TO! I found this recipe on Pinterest, yet again. I had seen a ton of Oreo/cookies and cream cupcakes, non of which really screamed out to me until I found this one. It even boasts to be the best, and as far as I am concerned, it is.


First off, it already calls for boxed cake mix (which we all know I LOVE!), but it has you add pudding mix and sour cream which I never would have thought of. It definitely results in an insanely moist and tasty cake! The recipe is super easy to follow and I loved the touch of adding the crushed Oreos into the batter. It adds that little something extra when you take that first bite. I saw many eyes widen when they realized they were inside as well.


Can we talk about the frosting? I have seriously never had/made a frosting quite like this one and it safe to say I AM OBSESSED! It is light, fluffy, creamy, and everything you want in a frosting. It has cool whip in the recipe which is a major player in the whole light and fluffy result. I even went the extra mile to add the half of the Oreo and Oreo dust on top after I had piped the frosting on.


To say these were my own personal masterpieces is an understatement. They literally were gone in HOURS! A whole 24 I might add. My usual round of taste testers could NOT get enough of these and continued to sing the praises of this recipe. I’m sure I’m going to be required to make these quite often in the future. I have already had a couple of requests! I said it before, but I will say it again. MAKE THESE CUPCAKES! You will not be disappointed!



‘Till next time!

Dr. Pepper Cupcakes with Dr. Pepper Frosting

This week I attempted to make this Dr. Pepper cupcakes with Dr. Pepper frosting recipe. (The recipe said Root Beer, but I went ahead and switched it out for my favorite soda.)

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‘Till next time!

Review of SugarB Baking

baking tools

So since I’ve created this blog, I have started to follow lots of fellow baking blogs to gain inspiration and just to see what other people are whipping up out there. This week I’ve decided to review one of my favorites, SugarB Baking. Her name is Blaire and she has a wonderful blog about cupcakes and cakes that she makes mostly from scratch, which I really admire! Not only do her recipes look incredibly delicious, the recipes seem to be super simple to follow. She always adds a lot of progress shots to help you along if you’re a new baker, which is great. Her blog has kept me drooling for weeks!

The blog itself is relatively new, she started posting in August, (Which I definitely can relate to!) but all the recipes thus far show how skilled of a baker she truly is. Like I mentioned, she does her best to make all of her recipes from scratch using super simple ingredients that still produce a great result. She also is great at adding personal touches and letting her personality shine through which I really enjoy. It makes you feel like you could picture yourself in Blaire’s kitchen, baking with her, helping her create these wonderful recipes and laughing the whole time. While she mainly focuses on cupcakes, like I do, but she does have a few cake recipes that I am dying to test out for myself.

Her latest recipe is 100% on my “To Bake List”, they are chocolate pumpkin cupcakes with a pumpkin buttercream frosting, how perfect is that? She even topped them with a little candy pumpkin with really just sells the whole thing. I am having to hold myself back from running to the kitchen to whip them up right now. I’ll admit, I am on the pumpkin flavor train with everyone else at this time of year so, of course these are right up my alley. I highly recommend you check out Blaire’s blog to see all the wonderful recipes she posts. I’m so glad I found her blog and can tell I’m going to be baking quite of few of her recipes in the future!


SugarB Baking

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Surprise!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupacakes

Another great recipe from Pinterest this week, with a little bit of a twist on my part! I discovered this recipe and thought it sounded perfect! Chocolate AND peanut butter?! Yes, please! It’s one of my all time favorite flavor combinations, so I figured I had to give these bad boys a try! When looking over the recipe, I saw that they made their version from scratch and using lukewarm coffee as one of the main ingredients… Now there’s a couple of reasons I decided to stray from this, 1) I am not a huge fan of coffee so I didn’t have any on hand 2) Because of issue #1 I also was not in possession of a coffee maker and was not about to purchase one for 1 cupcake recipe. So I went with store bought cake mix (which in my opinion still turned out incredible!) but I did spurge on the homemade peanut butter frosting!

All of the ingredients!


As I mentioned before I skipped the “from scratch” cake mix and went with a boxed mix, so I went ahead and made the box according to the instructions, except I switched the water for milk (that tip I discovered with the last recipe). Before scooping them into the tray I put a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup at the bottom of each cup so there would be a little hidden gem when you bite into them, the recipe says it’s optional but I highly recommend it! While those were in the oven, I went ahead and made the peanut butter frosting. Now this would not have been as easy as it was if it wasn’t for a friend who lent me her Kitchen-aid stand mixer after hearing about this cupcake endeavor I’ve taken on. Of course it was lent to me in exchange for cupcakes on command but I think that’s a fair deal.

Kitchen-aid Stand Mixer
The borrowed Kitchen-aid stand mixer.
Frosting Ingredients
The ingredients to make the frosting.
2D Wilton Tip
2D Wilton Tip that I used.

After the cupcakes were cooled and the frosting was made I decided to yet again try my hand at piping the frosting on. I mean, I had made it from scratch after all… So I busted out another piping bag and this time I tried using a different tip (the one I used was a Wilton 2D that came in the starter set that I had). I do have to say I was majorly impressed at the difference just the decorating tip made in the ease of piping the frosting on, it was night and day experience to my last attempt. They look so much more professional and I have gotten comments about how beautiful they are. They have held up to the taste test from my usual groups of testers, which is always a win! Remember, I always snap live time progress on my Snapchat. My user name is heyymissmolly, so be sure to follow me so a behind the scenes look at these recipe attempts!

Finished Product!
Finished Product!

‘Till next time!


Welcome to Yours for the Baking!

Hello and welcome to Yours for the Baking!

Hello there, this is me!

My name is Molly Armstrong , I’m 23 years old and attend Texas State University in the oh so lovely San Marcos, Texas. I originate from the one and only Houston, Texas by way of Akron, Ohio (you know, that small town Lebron James is from?). As my dad would put it, “We weren’t born here, but we got here as quickly as we could!” Speaking of family, I have two loving parents who just celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary and two sisters of which I am the middle child. It’s actually my family that has inspired the topic of this blog: baking.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been baking with my mom and sisters. Whether it be a simple cake for one of our birthdays throughout the year, or the plain over the top blow out we do yearly at Christmas time, baking has always been a part of my life. Even this past weekend on a trip home to visit, my mom was in the kitchen making cookies just for fun. Sugar is in my DNA at this point. So when I was tasked with creating a blog on a topic of my choice for my FDOM (Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media) class, baking came straight to my mind, more specifically cupcakes.

Everyone loves cupcakes right? Individual bite sized cakes covered in frosting, what’s not to love? You can find TONS of amazing cupcake recipes all over the internet these days! I’ve pinned some of my favorites on my Pinterest board, which is where I’ll be getting the majority of these recipes from. Now, I consider myself a somewhat competent amateur baker, but we’ll see, this very well may turn into me showing off my failures! Also, keep in mind that I am a college student, on a college budget, so I have none of the fancy equipment that some of these people probably used to create their amazing cupcakes. I’m going to have to make due with what I got and cross my fingers that it works out! So follow me on this adventure and we will see where it takes us!