Cupcakes for Breakfast?

breakfast cupcakes complete

This week might be consider cheating, but I think I’m just thinking outside of the box. What am I talking about, you are probably wondering right now. I’m talking about having cupcakes for breakfast! I know, that’s crazy! But these aren’t exactly the type of the cupcakes that you naturally first think of when I say the word cupcake. They are made out of breakfast foods, like eggs, toast, cheese, and avocado. I found this great recipe on Pinterest (of course) and was completely surprised how quick and easy they were to whip up. This is one of those great recipes that you probably already have all the ingredients for sitting around.


Basically with a greased pan you combine all of the ingredients into each little cup of your cupcake pan. Using the bread almost as a cupcake liner. It did take a little finesse to get the bread in the cups the right way, but after the first couple I had a technique down and the rest of the pan went by pretty smoothly. One thing I would recommend would be to use an avocado on the smaller side. The one I used was on the larger side and when it came to adding the avocado to the egg filled bread cups, there wasn’t a ton of room for the large chunks I had diced. I also had a ton of avocado left over, which isn’t completely a bad thing, just something to look out for.

breakfast cupcakes

They turned out delicious and the great thing about them is that you can make a batch and keep them in the freezer for quick breakfast days or snacks. My roommates and I ended up breezing through them the way too quickly for that method but if you can exercise more restraint that we can, then these would last great! The whole process took maybe 20 minutes from start to finish and the only dishes that really need cleaning was the cupcake pan and the cutting board, another win in my book! The less dishes a recipe involves me to use then in turn clean up is always great. I see myself making this a staple dish in my life.


‘Till next time!