Semester Wrap Up


Can you believe the semester is over already? I can’t! It seems like just yesterday I was tasked with creating this blog, and now here I am to see about the progress I have made. It has been an eye opening journey, that’s for sure! This blog has helped me fall back in love with baking after quite a long time away. I wasn’t sure if I still had any baking skills left, but I have learned that I still got it! Sure, not every recipe turned out perfect, in fact, my most popular post so far has been my Icing Disaster post.

As I look back on this semester I began by looking at how involved I was able to get my Twitter into this process as well. My account is a relatively quite one, but it has been nice to liven it up and give it some use. A lot of my classmates chose to use Facebook to promote their posts but I feel like Twitter has given me a larger outreach and I’ve really appreciated that. Learning the ins and outs of blogging has really been a very positive experience for me and I hope to continue with this blog past this assignment. Having writing experience will only benefit me in my future endeavors and it has help me feel way more comfortable expressing myself. I have grown to really love writing and this blog is certainly to thank.

I, also, looked at the stats that my blog has gotten through the semester I have been working on it. I saw that my most popular week was the week of November 16th. I had a total of 23 views! Like I mentioned before my most popular post was my Icing Disaster post. It got 13 view, and I think it was the most popular because it was very honest of me to have shown my mistakes and own up to the hilarity of it all. What was suprising to me when I was looking at all the data was that I had people who looked at my blog who lived in Australia, India, the UK, and even Sweden! I never thought my little blog would get people from all over the world looking at it!

In conclusion, this little blog has certainly grown on me and it is safe to say I will do my best to continue in the future. I can’t wait to tackle more cupcake recipes with you guys!

‘Till next time!



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