Halloween Themed Brownie Bottom Cupcakes

Halloween Themed Brownie Bottomed Cupcakes

It’s October! So we all know what that means, pumpkin spice everything and Halloween themed treats. What kind of baker would I be if I didn’t at least attempt to make my own Halloween cupcakes? I hunted Pinterest for the perfect recipe to try, and found this one. Its a cake/brownie duo cupcake with the cake part being colored a vibrant orange to help with that Halloween spirit. I absolutely LOVE brownies (almost as much as I love cupcakes (; )so this was a no brainer for me to give this recipe a go!


Once again, I used box mix for both the cake and brownie batter. (Swapping the water for milk in both mixes.) As per the recipe instructs, I attempted to dye the color of the cake batter a bright orange as shown in their pictures. Now, I’m not sure if it was the bargain store brand of food coloring I got or the cake batter I used, but I was unable to recreate the bright orange color with my own batter. I followed my food color’s instructions on how to create orange but it was no where near as bright as I would have like it to be and took a lot of building up even to get the lighter orange shade that I ended up using. It didn’t effect the taste at all, but the end result just wasn’t as visually striking as the pictures that are with the recipe.

My not so vibrant orange cake batter.
My not so vibrant orange cake batter.

I did follow their recipe for what they claim is “The Best Buttercream Frosting” and it was pretty darn good in my opinion and the best part was it is INCREDIBLY easy to make. There is a lot of powered sugar involved so when I put all of the ingredients into my stand mixer the recipe suggested putting a dish towel over top of the bowl to prevent the sugar going everywhere, which was a live saver. No one wants a powered sugar snow storm all over their kitchen, and I am no exception to that! I did run out of icing for my last few cupcakes so I would almost suggest making a double recipe of the frosting for a full 24 cupcake recipe. I, also, used the Wilton 2D tip when icing these bad boys as they suggested, which I think turned out great. It’s a great tip for beginners like me to get that professional look.

The dish towel was a lifesaver!
The dish towel was a lifesaver!

The last thing I added was my own little touch of adding a candied pumpkin on top to really sell the Halloween vibe. It really brought the whole look together and I don’t these are gonna last long, both of my roommates have had quite a few and the cupcakes aren’t even a couple hours old! The combination of cake and brownie is something sent from heaven and I will probably be using this recipe again as it lends itself to being easily tailored to special events. Be sure to follow me on Snapchat, heyymissmolly, for a behind the scenes look at my progress in real time and you can always see what recipes have me drooling over on my Pinterest.

All Done!
All Done!


‘Till next time!


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