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So since I’ve created this blog, I have started to follow lots of fellow baking blogs to gain inspiration and just to see what other people are whipping up out there. This week I’ve decided to review one of my favorites, SugarB Baking. Her name is Blaire and she has a wonderful blog about cupcakes and cakes that she makes mostly from scratch, which I really admire! Not only do her recipes look incredibly delicious, the recipes seem to be super simple to follow. She always adds a lot of progress shots to help you along if you’re a new baker, which is great. Her blog has kept me drooling for weeks!

The blog itself is relatively new, she started posting in August, (Which I definitely can relate to!) but all the recipes thus far show how skilled of a baker she truly is. Like I mentioned, she does her best to make all of her recipes from scratch using super simple ingredients that still produce a great result. She also is great at adding personal touches and letting her personality shine through which I really enjoy. It makes you feel like you could picture yourself in Blaire’s kitchen, baking with her, helping her create these wonderful recipes and laughing the whole time. While she mainly focuses on cupcakes, like I do, but she does have a few cake recipes that I am dying to test out for myself.

Her latest recipe is 100% on my “To Bake List”, they are chocolate pumpkin cupcakes with a pumpkin buttercream frosting, how perfect is that? She even topped them with a little candy pumpkin with really just sells the whole thing. I am having to hold myself back from running to the kitchen to whip them up right now. I’ll admit, I am on the pumpkin flavor train with everyone else at this time of year so, of course these are right up my alley. I highly recommend you check out Blaire’s blog to see all the wonderful recipes she posts. I’m so glad I found her blog and can tell I’m going to be baking quite of few of her recipes in the future!


SugarB Baking


One thought on “Review of SugarB Baking

  1. Thanks you so so much for this amazing review @yoursforthebaking! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond but this made my day when I read it! I can’t wait to start following your blog as well! 🙂


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