Red Velvet Cucpakes (with cream cheese filling!)


This week I was browsing Pinterest as one does (psst, you can follow mine here), drooling over gorgeous cupcakes after gorgeous cupcakes until I was literally stopped in my tracks by this recipe. Red Velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese chocolate chip filling. More beautiful words have never been spoken, in my opinion.  I was in love and determined to recreate these beauties. Surprisingly enough, I had almost all of the ingredients already which was a HUGE plus! (Especially for my college budget!) The recipe even calls for boxed cake mix, how easy is that?


After I gathered everything I needed, I began to make the cream cheese filling, which is where my 1st little hiccup happened. I realized I only have 1 mixing bowl and I needed 2 (1 for the filling and 1 for the cake batter). Where a normal person would just go to the store and buy another mixing bowl, I was determined to make this work without that. I tried using a normal cereal bowl and it wasn’t big enough, so after looking through my cabinets and come creative thinking on my part I busted out a medium sauce pan that I had, that everyone gets when they move to college in those “Starter Pan Sets.” I came to the brilliant realization that a sauce pan is just a bowl with a handle on it! Who knew, right?!


Once the filling was made and set aside in the fridge, I made the cake mix according to the instructions except, as the recipe suggested, I swapped out the water for milk. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with how moist they were. I will definitely be using that tip again! Once baked and cooled, I decided to try my hand a piping the icing on top. I have a set of tips that I have never touched, so I thought why not? I busted those out and figured it couldn’t be that hard, I mean I’ve watched enough Food Network to consider myself practically an expert. I am here to inform you, that I was wrong. The first one came out pretty well, but then I seemed to get worse the more I went along. I didn’t realize that was possible but it was. (As pictured below)


I did about half of them like this until I decided to cut my losses and just ice them the old school knife in jar way. I’ll devote more time to mastering this whole piping icing thing later, I’ve decided. The cupcakes tasted delicious and I have since made almost everyone I come in contact with try them as well. I’m going to start be known as the crazy cupcake lady, but I can’t help it, they taste so good! I’ve also been posting live time progress and updates on my Snapchat, heyymissmolly, so be sure to follow me on there! Here’s hoping all of the recipes I try go this well!

‘Till next time!



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